When You plant a tree, you help many more than you think!
You create local jobs, clean the soil, create sustainability, huge green profit, and removes CO2 from the atmosphere.
Let’s together show the world that you get rich when you do something good for everyone.


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What is PANDO about?

Fulfilling the growing need for natural resources and CO2 reduction through a paradigm changing business model, tailored to entrepreneurs who seek environmentally conscious solutions for gaining wealth through products which are not in conflict with our goals or compromises our values as the pioneer in creating the first CO2 Neutral CryptoCurrency. Which acts as a means of payment and is easily negotiable and backed by the growing value of hybrid trees.

A better future for everyone.

Fast Growing Trees

Charity & Jobs

All tree plantations are farmed and cared for by
local families who are provided with homes, food
and education.

co2 reduction

The PANDO idea

Every day, it is becoming more and more apparent that our impact on this planet is not only harmful, it is completely unsustainable. In order to begin reversing the damage done to the environment, we must change the way we value our resources, and grant much-deserved economic potential to beneficial and realistic sustainable practices.

PANDO was born of the idea that the only obstacle to a sustainable, environmental and profitable venture is a simple lack of innovation.

Today, PANDO is reaching milestones by achieving new standards of sustainable entrepreneurship and revolutionary concepts.

It is based on a simple idea: to utilize a natural resource in a way that:

1. benefits the environment
2. supports the
local economy
3. Profitable
for participants
4. serve as its own
natural commodity

The fast growing trees

The choice natural resource for PANDO is the fast-growing tree or “hybrid tree”. These are refined Eucalyptus and Paulownia trees which can grow up to 20 meters in just 3-4 years and offer a large-scale source of strong and natural furniture and construction material in a relatively short amount of time. Because wood is one of most sought-after natural commodities on the planet, creating vast plantations of fast-growing trees helps supply the demand for wood without the necessity of deforestation and destruction of natural habitats.

Trees are one of the most beneficial resources known to man — they absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and store it away in their timber while releasing oxygen that we can breathe. For every cubic meter of wood used as a substitute for other building or furniture

For every cubic meter of wood used as a substitute for other building or furniture material, there is a reduced CO2 impact on the atmosphere by an average of 1.1 tons of CO2. In today’s CO2 saturated atmosphere and with the threat of climate-changing effects looming on the horizon, nothing could be more important than having more trees to counter the amount of C02 in our air. These fast-growing trees are grown in Central Africa, where the tropic climate, open spaces and plenty of sun give the best result.

These fast-growing trees are grown in Central Africa, where the tropic climate, open spaces and plenty of suns makes an ideal location for large-scale tree plantations. This region of the world consists of struggling economies and disadvantaged communities where foreign investment has the potential to change lives for the better. Bringing jobs to rural regions through investment not only improves life in the present — it grants the population better terms of developing and advancing their own future and communities.

In today’s economy, the value of money has become little more than a policy of Supply & Demand. There is no longer a currency reserve that accounts for the production of money, whose value is epitomized by the rise of more than 3000 digital crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, etc. — amounting to more than all of the global currencies combined.

Common to all of them, there is nothing more behind their value than Supply & Demand and the belief that each national economy will not collapse — and that all crypto currencies will not disappear into thin air. Is it possible to restore faith in currency by creating a tangible representation of value, while benefiting the environment and giving value back to the world?

We believe that the best option is to use real values that have a substance and a measurable value. Be it precious metals, commodities, or similar commodities that have value to humanity and do not harm anyone. Therefore, we can not see better value than planting trees that benefit all those involved in the process and do not harm the environment and climate. Can you see other and better options?

We can not, either, so we plant trees.
KICK OF EVENT in Kampala / Uganda at 18th April 2018 and get
up to 40% extra Token

The Mission

Issue 1 CARBONCASH TOKEN for each tree planted
Create many plantations with 30 million trees.
Your Pando Wallet give you between 0,8-1,3% interest every week
PANDO Reserve funds guaranteed you 100% BUYBACK
CARBON CASH Token can be redeemed immediately on exchanges
Each CARBONCASH token has removed 0,14 tons CO2 from the atmosphere

In this way, a large-scale fast-growing tree plantation serves as a convertible commodity, is profitable to participants, will benefit local economies where it is grown, is a fully sustainable and eco-friendly market and helps reverse the effects of climate changing carbon emissions. This is what is called Social Entrepreneurship — bringing solutions to social and environmental issues while remaining lucrative to investors and making a positive impact on the economy.

Based on these experiences and ideas PANDO was founded and is managed today by a competent organization based in Scandinavia. It is a company with a green heart and has a desire to serve the world and all of its inhabitants. Our Commodity, the PANDO Affiliate, has been named after the world’s oldest tree, Pando, also known as the Trembling Giant. We have dedicated our concept to Pando in its honor, and in respect for earth’s fauna, climate and generosity.

To expand our ideas, we use an advanced Affiliate system, which pays anyone who will help pass on our unique and rewarding concept. Nature, Progress, and Profit are intertwined in PANDO.

where the more you give — the more you get.




How safe is it?

Many worry about having saved enough for retirement, also a virtually impossible task for ordinary people to assess how their finances will look in the future. Although wood prices may fluctuate slightly, the trees will grow and even though there will be a new financial crisis, demand for wood will steadily increase. That is why CARBONCASH Token, who stands for the value of trees, is the only alternative, for those who care ension plan.

The Location

The location of the trees is being verified by an International Audit firm and insurance on the plantations are signed so that all assets are secured as well as possible and monitored by employees.

Est. return of planting trees

When planting trees, it is always with an estimate. Therefore, they are 100-200% over 48 months, subject to small fluctuations, but compared to other providers in the world, we are very conservative!

Buy Back Guarantee

You have the right to withdraw from the agreement within 14 days without giving any reason and get a full refund. After 48 months you can request a full refund of your initial payment.

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